Ms. Gizmo in Verdi Square


We were in the shade in Verdi Square, but barely a leaf was moving.  In spite of the temperature and the sultry day, folks stopped to register their opinions and discuss the needs of we the people.

2012_08_03_3(Click on the photos for larger images.)

Big sister telling little sister (hidden by the tubes), with grandmother and mother looking-on, that money is needed for education.

2012_08_03_2High school musician from Cherry Hill, NJ enthusiastically spoke about the importance of music and how it should be supported.

2012_08_03_1Grannies engaged in a lengthy discussion about the inordinate amount of tax dollars allocated for U.S. war efforts while funds for domestic needs have rapidly diminished.

The results show that today’s voters agree with the GPB.

2012_08_03gizmochartPhotos and Captions: Phyllis Cunningham
Chart: Edith Cresmer
for the Granny Peace Brigade