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It is the perfect combination: clear skies and a lively crowd. It is the final day in NY for voter registration and we Granny Peace Brigadiers do a brisk business.

2008_10_10register1 2008_10_10register22008_10_10register3


Our supply of registration forms is soon gone.The people we meet are angry about the bailout and they want to talk. Our flier urges voters to tell their representatives to bring back oversight and regulations in the banking business, starting with the GLASS-STEAGALL ACT.

A dispirited woman asks Lillian P., “What does calling do if they won’t listen to us?”

“They do listen,” Lillian reminds her. “It was our calls that stopped the first version of the bailout.”

With both houses of congress going into recess until after the election, we encourage folks to call their reps’ home offices here and demand town halls meetings regarding our tattered economy. This sure hits a responsive chord with our fellow citizens. In spite of the gloom from Wall Street and the escalating international crisis in Pakistan and Afghanistan, there is a lot of good energy out in the street.

And on a strictly personal note – we were all thrilled to have Betty back in our ranks – she sure has been missed.

– Caroline, Edith, Phyllis, Betty, Eva-Lee, Joan P, Owen, Hope, Lillian P. and Fran




Here is our granny wisdom for today: be flexible! Had we not made our 11th hour switch from our standard phone-a-thon in order to join forces with Code Pink, the Rainforest Action Network and the Billionaires for today’s action, we would have missed a spectacular opportunity to connect with our fellow citizens. As always, Dennis Kucinich is the Man with a Plan and he has drafted a smart, sane formula to rectify our faltering economy. We make up a couple of hundred fliers with his outline and head down to Bowling Green. High over the statue of the rapacious bull, two young activists from the Rainforest Action Network have shimmied up the twin flag poles and have hung a huge flag emblazoned with “FORECLOSED?”
That gets everyone’s attention and before you know it, we’re out of literature. Phyllis heads off to find a Kinkos and the rest of us fan out into the crowd and start talking. We’ve got our signs, pink crowns, and Joan P is wearing her ‘march of the dead’ mask. The lunchtime crowd has no hesitation in expressing their outrage and dismay. When we tell one gentleman that the main congressional switchboard seems to be jammed, he breaks into a huge grin and says, “Well, let me just jam it up a little more!” as he starts dialing.
Our sense of the street? Folks may be hurting, but they sure aren’t cowed by anything coming out of Washington or Wall Street. They want some answers before any precipitous actions on the part of our representatives and they sure aren’t shy about making their opinions known. If Congress hands Paulson & Company a blank check, a wink and no oversight, then there are some feisty constituents who are going to hold their representatives responsible come November.

Once more, we are humbled. We embark on these actions with a desire to inform and come away with a priceless education. Times are tough, this despicable war wears on, and the war mongers may be rattling their sabers in Iran’s direction, but there are a lot of good people out there who are willing to stand up and be part of something that speaks to the best part of all of us.
Thank you, fellow citizens! You sure made our day!

In peace, solidarity and hope,

– Fran Sears for the Granny Peace Brigade with Eva-Lee, Phyllis, Edith, Joan P, Lillian P and Owen
– Photos: Eva-Lee Baird

Diplomacy Works! War Is Not Inevitable.


Granny Peace Brigade and CodePink Phone-A-Thon
Friday, September 19 – at City Hall Park, NYC

There’s plenty of unease in the economy this week; today’s flier is headlined “DOES YOUR BUDGET HAVE $$$ FOR WAR?” Edith greets passers- by with, “Help stop the next war! Call your senators!” People accept the flier.
We talk about the way senators have been sounding the war drums towards Iran in amendments to the Fiscal 2009 Defense Authorization Bill. Turns out it has been passed the day before, minus most of the over 200 amendments proposed. The workings of the senate aren’t easy to explain to citizens on the street, nor for us to follow, even if we’re trying hard to stay on top of things.
Policemen and postmen and lots of other people give us the thumbs up when they see this sign.

These things cheer us: Fran’s newly registered 19 year-old Queens woman, learning who is her congressional rep, taking our info sheet for phoning reps and senators. Caroline’s Russian woman who doesn’t trust her English but wants to thank her Congresswoman Yvette Clark for supporting Peace by abstaining from H Con Res 362, the anti-Iran tirade proposed by New York’s Gary Ackerman.
Phoners to representatives reading the back of the flier find:
Senator Clinton is co-sponsor of S 759 – prohibiting the use of funds for military operations in Iran.
In the House: HR 5056, the Iran Diplomatic Accountability Act of 2008, calls for the appointment of a high-level United States representative/special envoy for Iran for the purpose of easing tensions and normalizing relations between the United States and Iran.
Call the Congressional switchboard (800) 828-0498.
In the coming weeks we’ll tell people about a new resolution: On September 18, Representative Barbara Lee (D-CA) introduced H.R. 6951, “To prohibit the use of funds by the Central Intelligence Agency or the Department of Defense to provide covert or clandestine assistance for the purpose of overthrowing the Government of Iran.” The short title of the legislation has been changed to “Transparent Actions over Covert Tactics in Iran Act 0f 2008” or the “TACT in Iran Act.” The bill has six co-sponsors, including Representatives Raul Grijalva (D-NM), Maurice Hinchey (D-NY), James McGovern (D-MA), Maxine Waters (D-CA) and Lynn Woolsey (D-CA). We’ll ask New York City Congressional Reps to sign onto this one.

– Caroline Chinlund with Fran, Jenny, Joan P., Eva-Lee, Edith and Owen
– Photos, Eva-Lee Baird




On the day after September 11 we’re pledged to get US troops out of the Middle East, and glad to feel the responsive vibe down by New York’s City Hall.
Six Grannies and Owen are engaged in a phonathon. People step up to learn more about our focus of the day: H Con Res 362.
Phyllis’ signs are in full view: “Wall of Shame: these Congressional Representatives are trying to drag us into another WAR.” And the list of New York reps threatening war on Iran with H Con Res 362:

Gary Ackerman (NY 24)

Michael Arcuri (NY 24)
Timothy Bishop ( NY1)
Joseph Crowley (NY7)
Eliot Engel (NY17)
Vito Fossella (NY13)
Kirsten Gillibrand (NY20)
Brian Higgins (NY 27)
Steve Israel (NY 2)
Peter T. King (NY 3)
John R. Kuhl (NY 29)
Nita Lowey (NY 18)
Michael McNulty (NY 21)
Carolyn Maloney (NY 14)
Carolyn McCarthy (NY 4)
John McHugh (NY 23)
Thomas Reynolds (NY 26)
Louise Slaughter (NY 28)
Edolphus Towns (NY 10)
Anthony Weiner (NY 9)

Sad to add, there’s an addition to the list this week: John Hall (NY 19)

Learning of the threatening nature of the resolution, longing for an end to wars, voters take our phones and info, make calls, let their representatives hear the message loud and clear:

NO to H Con Res 362. YES to negotiation with Iran. Support HR 5056, the Iran Diplomatic Accountability Act

Some highlights:
Erica is registered in Ohio where she’s a student at Oberlin. She asks how her representative stands on H Con Res 362.
The staffer says she’ll have to call Erica back. We hear that a lot of the people who signed this timebomb of a resolution haven’t even read it. However, when Erica looks up Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur in, she’ll find that she has NOT signed, and can thank her for that and encourage her to sign HR 5056. Big support for diplomacy with Iran.

A woman on her way into the park comments, “No More Wars, I agree” then shows the button she’s wearing: “Parent US Army.”  A young woman who works with the Federation of Senior Citizens salutes us: “I’ve bookmarked your website!”  People pick up Voter Registration forms.

A man harangues us as Lillian, Corinne and Eva-Lee sing a couple of Raging Grannies and their Daughters songs, He shouts “You hate your country!”  No dialogue here. This happens sometimes.

High up in the Woolworth Building three suits minus jackets look down at the scene by the gate to City Hall Park. Eventually the three observers from the Woolworth Building descend. One asks Eva-Lee, ‘These elderly women, are they here voluntarily?” She responds, “What do you think?”  He says, “Maybe someone brought them here from a senior center.”
Caroline, identified as a recent visitor to Iran with FOR,  hangs in with the one who insists: “If Iran develops a Nuclear weapon, Iran will bomb Israel.” Caroline takes a deep breath. (Where do you begin? Here’s a start.) If any of the six nations with nuclear weapons employ them what will be the result? What would be the most effective way of encouraging Iran not to become the 7th nation? How about some stepping up on disarmament?” He responds, “The US has eliminated 2/3 of its nuclear stockpile.”  “That leaves quite a big pile, but how do you know?  To Caroline’s amazement, the questioner says that he works for a company that destroys weapons for the US government. He says his company eliminated the US stockpile of poison gas.”That’s wonderful!” says Caroline. “Weren’t you relieved?” He persists in his vision of Iran (no nuclear weapon as yet) as a tremendous threat to world peace. Caroline sees it another way, with H Con Res 362 and its 270 signatures as a greater threat. They shake hands and agree to disagree.

A little rain didn’t phase us.  We’ll be back next Friday.

– Caroline Chinlund for the Granny Peace Brigade, with Eva-Lee, Joan P., Edith, Lillian, Corinne and Owen

BACK TO THE FUTURE: Five Grannies and a fella pitch ‘Opt Out Option’ at East Harlem Teen Fair.


August 30:  Educational and career outreach, health information, and support groups for teens and families along with food, music, face painting and fun — City Council Rep, Melissa Mark Viverito sure knows how to throw a party. Nydia, Judy, one Joan and both Barbaras are joined by our new friend, Kevin, from Brooklyn for Peace. Our table is set up with stacks of Opt-Out forms, Truth in Recruiting information, information about alternative opportunities to the military and candy — lifesavers and lollipops. Turns are taken holding down the table as the others fan out to engage the young participants and their parents.
We weave through the crowd, distributing the forms and starting conversations. Several other organizations and their representatives are working the room, offering us opportunities for further networking including the Education Advocate from State Senator Jose Serrano’s office, the Executive Director of Peace on the Street, and representatives from the Center for Employment Opportunities, Harlem Drummers, CodePink and AmeriCorp dedicated activists who are all doing important are work with high school students on non-military educational and career options.
The crowd is lively, responsive and receptive to our message. One thing is very clear, in the world of “No Child Left Behind”, all too many parents and kids are not getting the facts about the Opt Out Option. The vast majority of people we talk to – moms, dads and even their ‘too cool’ teenage offspring – are deeply grateful for the information we give them.

A young video crew from MNN Youth Channel asks to interview us about our work and we are more than pleased to get in front of their cameras. As soon as we get a broadcast date and time, we’ll let you all know.

To all of you folks who are so generous in your praise of the Granny Peace Brigade, who often ask us, “But what can I do?”, here is a suggestion.
Go on our website – – and click on the section about Counter Recruitment. Read up on what we’ve been doing, take a look at our videos and download and print out some Opt Out forms. Counter recruiting is something you can do on a spontaneous basis — you don’t need banners, buttons, maps, permits or anything other than a good opening line and a smile. Grab a friend (like swimmers, counter recruiters should use the Buddy System) stake out a spot near a hub for teenagers and/or their parents — then get busy! Prepare to be welcomed (sometimes hesitantly) and thanked (often effusively) — and when you’re done, be secure in the knowledge that you have helped build a more peaceful and just world.

Okay, get out there — and keep in touch. We can learn so much from each other and there is much for us all to do.

Barbara Harris & Fran Sears with Barbara Walker, Joan Pleune, Judy Lear, Nydia Leaf, Kevin (a college student working with Brooklyn for Peace)

CONGRESSIONAL INTERVENTION NEEDED: When bad decisions happen to good people, Grannies ask “Why?”


H. Con. Res 362 is the kind of Congressional action that has Granny Peace Brigade members angry, perplexed and deeply concerned. We can’t help but wonder what possessed Rep. Gary Ackerman to introduce a resolution regarding Iran that contains much of the same dunderheaded, failed logic that got us into the mess in Iraq — especially knowing how well that’s worked out.
However, as stunned as we may be over Ackerman’s introduction of this dreadful bit of saber-rattling, we are REALLY stunned when we see the names of some good people who have signed on in support. Finding the names of some of our hometown crowd on this “Wall of Shame” is bad enough and we are putting Representatives Maloney, Weiner, Ackerman, Towns & Engel on notice: you have only begun to hear from your outraged constituents. But now we are discovering that some of our true heroes have signed on to this outrageous, war-mongering rhetoric — folks like John Lewis and Barney Frank — and that has us truly shocked and deeply grieved. What is going on here?

In an effort to bring some clarity and understanding to the H. Con.Res 362 travesty, GPB member, Caroline Chinlund has reached out to one of our Congressional heroes, Dennis Kucinich. Read her letter and then take a moment and send one of your own. And don’t stop there — find out where your own congressperson stands. If they’ve signed on, give-’em hell and if they’ve resisted joining in the one-way march to destruction, then make sure you tell them how proud you are of their decision. If you would like to take this a step further, check our our ‘recipe for a phone-a-thon’ on our website. Discover the power in joining together with like-minded citizens for some voter education. The Iraq Moratorium is observed on the third Friday of each month and that might be the perfect time to kick off your first phone-a-thon.

Remember, Democracy is not a spectator sport — and forgive the cliche, but we all need to be in the game. Write a letter, make a phone call, reach out to your neighbor and keep us in the loop. Working together, we can end this war and create a lasting legacy of peace and justice.

Work hard and stay in touch.


– Fran Sears



BEWARE THE MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX: Granny Peace Brigade Planksters take to the streets and run into a corporate buzz-saw.

A special memo to Rachel Maddow, Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann, & Brian Williams.

While we Grannies are deeply troubled by the loss of journalistic integrity, we still have hopes that this once proud profession can be restored to former glory and we’re always more than happy to lend a helping hand to our friends in the Fourth Estate. We think you all do try to resist the pulls and pressures of your corporate masters at NBC/MSNBC — specifically those folks from General Electric. In fact, we had our own confrontation with some representatives from your parent company today and knowing how busy you all are out in Denver, we wanted to fill you in.
This morning at 10AM the Granny Peace Brigade, with assistance from our dear friend, legendary civil rights & civil liberties lawyer, Norman Siegel, and members of the Raging Grannies, Grandmothers Against the War and Veterans Against the War, rallied at the Military Recruitment Center at Times Square to hold a press conference and then walk our ‘peace planks’ to the NYC headquarters of the Democratic National Convention.
It is our intention to keep a program for peace and smart, effective diplomacy on the front political burner and today is one of many actions we will be staging in the weeks leading up to the election.

The Times Square Recruitment Center is the birthplace of the Granny Peace Brigade, so we have a certain proprietary interest in what happens here. Imagine our delight when we arrived this morning to find a built-in crowd — the place was crawling with youngsters in red polo shirts, passing out promotional materials. Brightly colored laundry was strung high above Times Square and looming in front of the recruitment center were two huge inflated red cubes that we were informed were meant to replicate a new generation of GE “Profile” appliances — in this case, a clothes washer and dryer.
As we started to assemble on the north portion of the area for our own action, we started to get some fishy looks from some of the ‘suits’ in charge of the GE event.

We are not going to dignify the conduct of these corporate representatives with exact quotes. Suffice to say they were unpleasant and in a couple of instances abusive. In the eyes of these people, it appears that commerce trumps the right to peaceful assembly. A little constitutional awareness and sensitivity training might be something GE might want to incorporate into their employee training. While the NYPD officers at the scene found no reason to curtail our action, the GE reps were thoroughly outraged. Someone needs to explain the concept of ‘public space’ to these people. As we marched off with our banners, planks and signs, a few of the reps went out of their way to make our exit less than smooth, and a couple of them engaged in some rather unpleasant verbiage. Strong opinions and criticism is something we grannies are used to, however it doesn’t often come wrapped in a corporate logo.
But speaking of logos — part of the corporate swag getting passed out today were big red tote bags with the familiar GE monogram and the legend: “fuhgeddaboudit”. After we finished up at DNC headquarters, we took a look at the stuff in the bottom of the bag. We found some free samples and a pamphlet describing the new appliances that GE is promoting so heavily. It seems this handsome laundry room pair has been manufactured to Energy Star standards – certainly a good thing – however, the other distinguishing innovation is that the new GE ‘Profile’ washer can store up to six months worth of laundry detergent. Now that’s something that should truly enhance the quality of life for generations to come. And for this convenience, the price tag is a mere $3466! We grannies would like to remind GE that the very best way to reduce our carbon footprint is to reduce what we buy.  $3466 for a washer/dryer duo? Like it says on the tote bag, FUHGEDDABOUTIT!

Okay, Rachel, Chris, Keith & Brian — work hard, work true and stop by at one of our actions.
The Granny Peace Brigade is on the move and we’ll let you know when we are in your neighborhood.

– Frans Sears
– photos Eva-Lee Baird



House Congressional Resolution 362 – sponsored by Rep. Ackerman and co-sponsored by NYC Reps. Towns, Fossella, Weiner, Maloney, & Engel – evokes disappointment, fury, and phone calls from constituents.


Let the word go forth: the good people of New York City aren’t one bit happy with the language and intent of this nasty piece of business*. On Thursday, August 7th, several Grannies, CodePink women and members of Brooklyn for Peace set up shop at Brooklyn Borough Hall to sound the alarm and ask constituents to call their representatives and the response was so terrific, we went back for an encore on August 15th. Once again, Brooklyn welcomed us. Calls were made, conversations were started, voters were registered,


and here are a few of the moments we’ll certainly remember:

  • On the 15th, our first call is made by that Politically Endangered Species, a man in a suit! As faithful followers of the phone-a-thoners may recollect, this is not our strongest constituent base and we hope this is the start of a trend.
  • Two women from Yvette Clark’s district, giddy with excitement when they discovered ‘their girl’ missing from the Wall of Shame. “You just tell her we love her to bits and we’re proud of her,” they tell her office.
  • A man shakes his head over Rep.Towns’ support of H. Con. Res.362. “The man came to my church,” he says. “He seemed like such a good man. What’s happening here?” We wonder the same thing.
  • A young couple, just married in Borough Hall, pose for their wedding portraits right near our table. We offer them our congratulations, Granny buttons and we register the bride…to vote!


  • A young mom from Anthony Weiner’s district drops by. Her small son has autism and it is a full-time job getting him the support he needs. She calls Weiner’s office, tells the staffer she wants to register her distress at the congressman’s support of H. Con. Res. 362, and wants to see him front-burner domestic issues for ‘real people’. The office hangs up on her. Note to Rep. Weiner: you’ve got one very angry constituent on your hands — and she is not about to keep quiet.
  • We are told that Rep. Edolphus Towns and members of his staff were covertly checking out our table. If indeed this was the case, we sure are disappointed he didn’t want to engage us in some discussion.

Next Tuesday at 10AM we’ll be rallying at the Times Square Recruitment Center for a press conference and then marching to the Democratic National Committee headquarters here in NYC to present our peace planks for the national platform. Come and join us! And stay tuned — we’ll be coming to a neighborhood near you!

– Fran Sears
– photos, Eva-Lee Baird

*information on House Congressional Resolution #362

“Walk In Their Shoes” in Foley Square


On July 31 members of CodePink NYC, the Granny Peace Brigade and the American Friends Service Committee held a tripartite demonstration in Foley Square, NYC. The AFSC brought material on the cost of war. The Granny Peace Brigade brought the Phone-A-Thon kit with flyers about H. Con. Res. 362* – the resolution gearing up for war on Iran. (Does anyone know who wrote H. CON. RES. 362? Not who sponsored it, but who wrote it which might not be the same person.)

CodePink brought shoes. Children’s shoes. My grandchildren’s outgrown shoes are in this “Walk in Their Shoes” display. Although it was a grim donation to make, my daughter gave the shoes with an open heart.

I can’t find my grandson’s shoes in the display but my granddaughter’s stand out. They are pink and very beat up after many trips to the playground, but the sparkles woven into the cloth still shine. There is a paper tag tied to them. On the tag is the name of a three-year-old Iraqi girl who was killed in the war. There is a tag with the name and age of an Iraqi victim on every pair of shoes in the display

Stepping away from the phone-a-thon table from time to time to look at the “Walk in Their Shoes” display I pointed out my granddaughter’s shoes to passersby. I wondered aloud if the grandmother survived the event that took the child. I don’t have to wonder very much about a surviving grandmother’s agony.

Foley Square is a hurried place, not the best for a phone-a-thon, but the shoes caused busy people to stop in their tracks.
People took the time talk about the issues and some also made calls to their Representatives right then and there.
Tapping into hidden reserves of compassion and inspiring people to act – “Walk in Their Shoes” does that.

– Eva-Lee Baird, text and photos

* On August 1, 2008 261 Representatives were co-sponsoring H. Con. Res. 362 “Expressing the sense of Congress regarding the threat posed to international peace, stability in the Middle East…” Who wrote this dreadful piece of work? The four below have withdrawn.
Rep Davis, Danny K. [IL-7] – 6/3/2008(withdrawn – 7/30/2008)
Rep Cohen, Steve [TN-9] – 6/10/2008(withdrawn – 7/22/2008)
Rep Allen, Thomas H. [ME-1] – 6/11/2008(withdrawn – 7/22/2008)
Rep Clay, Wm. Lacy [MO-1] – 6/17/2008(withdrawn – 7/9/2008)



Nine of us here today. It’s hot in the sun, but the terrible heat of earlier in the week has lifted. We set up a table in the shade of a tree. We’re ready to meet people as they come along, up from the subway or across the square during a lunch break. We have our quarter-sheets to hand out, giving people the facts and the numbers to call.
photo – Caroline Chinlund

Beautifully lettered on his sidewalk billboard Owen has chalked:
4096 U.S. Soldiers Dead.
Call Congress: 800-828-0498
A note of tragedy
A note of hope

This is the week of the vote on the supplemental military funding bill. Our messages: No more $ for war. Diplomacy, not war with Iran. Impeach Bush There’s also our campaign to get the NYC City Council to hold hearings on the use of tax $ to fund JROTC classes in high schools.

Calls to representatives are our focus. We have encounters! We win a few and lose a few.

Caroline’s favorite: Amy, resting in the shade after a job interview. She’s new in town. Lives in Brooklyn. We look up her Congressional Rep in The League of Women Voters of NYC ( Directory “They Represent You.” It’s Jerrold Nadler. She calls the Congressional switchboard, asks for Nadler’s office and uses the cue card Caroline wears around her neck to pace her conversation with Nadler’s staffer. Amy’s used to relating to her representatives. She’s moved from Cleveland and Dennis Kucinich was her Congressman! She lived near his office and used to drop in. We agree, he’s our hero. Check out his latest heroic act, of defending the U.S. Constitution, 35 Articles of Impeachment for President Bush,and Vice-President Cheney. (Did you know? He wasn’t covered by any major news media) Read the scoop in Gore Vidal’s article at truthdig.

Heres Eva-Lee’s review of the day:
I got off to a good start with two phone calls right away and then didn’t get any more. Both callers said “Don’t fund the war” and “Impeach both Bush and Cheney.” They had taken the time to use the League of Women Voters NYC book to look up their representatives. A lot of people walked by with their noses in the air, but there were others who thanked us for being there, even though they didn’t stop and make the call. One man took flyers promising to call later. He walked about 20 yards away, turned and came back with tears in his eyes. “I can’t tell you how much it means to me that you are out here doing this,” he said. “My son is in the navy.” He turned and walked away slowly.
photo – Caroline Chinlund

Barbara W had several intense conversations, and some were painful. Here’s how she sums it up: I believe that it is important to let those we encounter who say our military are killing only “the bad guys” (this was said!) or who see only a stereotyped Iraqi, know that there is, for example, the old head of a family who is scared out of his wits by the soldiers busting into his home in the middle of the night, the school principal who goes into his school to open the door for our soldiers and appears at the door “Middle East hospitality style” with the tray of tea. I sometimes hear myself quoting (to a person who approves of our entry into Iraq) the veteran Mejia who said at the Winter Soldier session earlier this year “We went across the ocean to brutalize a country that had done nothing to us.”

Phyllis reports:
I spoke with a woman from France, and then another, and a woman from Russia, all of them supporting us. Then a young man who was hawking coupons for discount membership at an Equinox exercise place. I asked if we could exchange flyers and he exclaimed, “You ladies are giving out more important things than I am. It’s really good.” He did take our flyer. In talking, I found out that he was not registered to vote, although he had been in the city for more than 6 months. I encouraged him to get registered and vote in the coming elections, and gave him a registration form.

Barbara H:
Maybe people should know about the opposition messages, i.e. “I like the war, we are winning, we’re safer, not many deaths now,” to let people know why we must be out there to speak to those who only get the Rush Limbaugh message.

Well, we’re not quitting. Check the calendar on the Granny Peace Brigade home page for the date and location of our next Phone-a-thon. Join us if you can. No cellphone, no problem.

– Caroline Chinlund with Eva-Lee, Owen, Edith, Barbara H, Phyllis, Fran, Barbara W, Caroline, Kathy