Lobbying Congress

Resources for Lobbying Congress


Find a bill or law on a website maintained by the Library of Congress. http://thomas.loc.gov.

Get a Meeting With Your Legislator:

Call the Legislator’s office (D.C. or local, as needed) and ask for the name and contact info of the legislator’s scheduler. Next, fax or email a letter requesting a meeting, to the attention of the scheduler. The Washington D.C. offices do not want paper mail. A couple of days after you send the fax or email, call the legislator’s office and confirm his or her receipt of the letter. Senators’ contact info is available at http://www.senate.gov and you can find Representative’s info at http://www.house.gov.
Think Ahead. If you are willing to invest the time to get a meeting with your legislator, be willing to think through what you hope to accomplish from the meeting and how best to reach your goal. On which issue do you want to focus?

  1. What is your legislator’s position on that issue?
  2. What do you want your legislator to do after your meeting?
  3. What is your main message for the meeting?
  4. Bring a hard copy reference regarding your topic to leave behind.

The ACLU keeps track of key votes in Congress. You can enter your zip code to find out how your representatives voted on key legislation.

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