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One Year Since Israel’s Massacre in Gaza


Jenny and I got off the train at 40th Street, armed with posters a, children and a little black box to lay them down. What a shock as we rounded the corner and saw that the plaza we and Jonothan had meticulously choreographed around, was gone! Three days ago, the Golda Meir Square was intact and ready to be occupied, and now piles of rubble amid heavy machinery remained, a minuscule version of what Gazans experience on a daily basis as their homes, schools, hospitals , shopping areas are destroyed around them. The noise of the machinery, the dust and dirt, along with a beginning sprinkle of rain, led to a quick decision to cancel/postpone. But Carol Husten had journeyed all the way from the Berkshires, and a goodly number of wonderful stalwarts arrived, not having received the message.

And so we  decided, as it is the anniversary of the massacre, to go ahead in a small way, despite the exploded plaza. We assembled along the curb with a string of signage, and during a lull in the deafening drilling, we placed the small black casket on the ground and read some names of little ones murdered last summer during the deafening destruction of their homes and lives by the IDF. It seemed somehow appropriate. And the disappearance of Golda was not a disappointment. If only the Occupation could  vanish as quickly.

As the destruction in Gaza lasted for 50 days,we will reschedule another day of mourning. We are looking for another suitable  setting. If you have any ideas, let us know!

– Ann Shiriazi
for the Granny Peace Brigade
In spite of the weather, rainy/humid, those who did not get the message in time of cancellation of the action planned at Golda Meir Plaza on Wednesday decided to go ahead with a modified action.

What was really surprising on arrival: There was no statue of Golda Meir, the entire Plaza was undergoing demolition! We, together with other Friends, held a silent vigil and a symbolic funeral with the representations of the children who died in Gaza, due to the murderous attacks of Israel last year. Ironic the background sounds were the demolitions underway.

There were several journalists at the event, Nydia and Alice gave interviews in Spanish and Ann was also interviewed.

Another action is being planned….the attacks by Israel on Gaza lasted for 50 days. So we will be back. And a big thanks to Ann and Jenny for the handouts and posters…appropriate for the day and setting.

– Marty Rajandran
for the Granny Peace Brigade



A short note to share this day of action organized by JEWS SAY NO and JEWISH VOICE FOR PEACE outside the offices of our Senators Schumer and Gillibrand, condemning their support for the Israeli government’s systematic violations of the Palestinian people’s basic human rights AND their refusal to meet with constituents who do not support Israel’s policies.

The action started in the morning, with the Granny Peace Brigade joining in the afternoon, with the representations of the Palestinian children who were killed just a few months ago in Gaza. The Grannies,together with others, read out the name and age of the child and then placed his/her representation in a mock burial plot. The mood was somber. It was sad. What happened is a crime against humanity and our own laws: the federal “Leahy Law” which requires US funding to be cut off to units of a country’s armed forces that have committed a “gross violation of human rights.”

It’s about time we respect and implement our own laws…….but the reality, the US  implements most vigorously those laws which suit the corporate-government-military complex, EG PROFITS. We stand as a silent reminder that there are things more important that profits.

a representation of a Palestinian child

Our bottom line is peace, justice, and a respect for the humanity of all children, including Palestinian children and their families.

– Marty Rajandran
for the Granny Peace Brigade

Remembering Gaza’s Youngest Victims


With so much attention on the Climate March, I don’t want to forget our action at City Hall, on 10 Sept, the first fall session of the City Council. Why City Council? Well you will recall, Mayor DiBlasio has stated that his job includes “defending Israel.” Many members of the City Council likewise supported Israel’s actions during the recent massive bombings in Gaza. And neither the Mayor nor Council Members have said or done anything to recognize the rights of Palestinians, the illegal occupation of Israel in the West Bank and the disastrous consequences of the Gaza blockage by Israel on the population.

There was a good Granny turnout; an excellent flyer done by Ann; and the “Representations” of the 577+ children who died in Gaza during this latest Israeli siege. Not to be forgotten are the 3000+ children wounded and the over 1400 orphaned. And the women and other civilians who died were wounded, lost loved ones or made homeless.

There were many good, positive, and supportive individual discussions. It seemed that many of those who stopped to chat were concerned and upset about the terrible loss of life during this conflict, especially innocent civilians and children. That Palestinians have rights, not respected and no real solution in sight was likewise expressed. Palestinians are no longer “invisible” to the public.  Several of those we spoke with thought our representations of the young victims made a creative action and thanked us. Others voiced surprise and concern about the continued US funding for Israel ($3.1 billion in Military funding for just 2014, and $100’s of billions over the years.)

US Taxpayers give Israel $9.9 million a day for WEAPONRY, much of it used during this fifty day attack as well as to maintain the occupation — this was a shocking statistic to many.   As expected, there were several vocal objections to what we were doing; but fewer than in previous actions.  Overall, this was a good action.

A word about the “Representations” of the children:  Making these “Representations” was itself a process: reviewing the lists of dead to select those below age 18. Going through the names was heartbreaking to see whole families gone…..and the names of 3, 4, even 5 or 6 or more children with the same last name. Entire families! To ensure we correctly identified boys and girls, checks of names were done via internet.  While we did it as a group, these were solemn sessions.

We will continue to say “End the Occupation/End the Gaza Blockade.” It is time we move our Government to recognize its duty to ensure that the rights of Palestinians are as respected and implemented as those of others.

– Marty Rajandran, text and photos
For the Granny Peace Brigade

More photos by Bud Korotzer: The Little Dolls of Gaza’s Dead Children

The United States-Israel-Palestine — some thoughts


On August 1st a reporter on Aljazeera America News describing the carnage in Rafah said  “today I saw several children…I have to say…I have never seen children look so shell shocked.”  On the internet there is a picture of a very young child sitting on stones next to dead parents.

Has our Government no memory, no mercy, no shame, or is it that our holders of office fear loss of support if compliance with and assistance to the Government of Israel is not accepted as a ‘given’ duty?

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