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Veterans for Peace – The Peace Contingent in the Vets Day Parade


On Saturday, Nov 11 members of the Granny Peace Brigade were honored to join Veterans For Peace in the parade up Fifth Avenue in NYC…

“…to increase public awareness of the Costs of War, restrain our government from intervening in the internal affairs of other nations, End the arms race, Eliminate Nuclear Weapons, seek justice for Veterans and all victims of war, and to Abolish War as an instrument of national policy….
“This year with a rise of hate and fear, we must end reckless rhetoric and military interventions that endanger the entire world. Instead of celebrating militarism, we want to celebrate peace and all humanity. We demand an end to all forms of hate, patriarchy and white supremacy and we call for unity, fair treatment and equality for all. We call for tearing down of walls between borders and people. We call for an end to all hostilities at home and around the globe. Today the U.S. has a president who says diplomacy with North Korea is a waste of time. Diplomacy is in fact the only hope.

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War is an immoral and tragic waste.
The world has said it before and is saying it again now.
NO to WAR!”*

First two photos and first slide show – Bud Korotzer
Second slide show – Eva-Lee Baird
for the Granny Peace Brigade

* Veterans for Peace – NYC Chapter 034

Veterans Day Parade – Thank You!


Veterans for Peace NYC Chapter 34 wishes to extend to the Granny Peace Brigade and to all those who participated with you a sincere thank you on a job well done.  There is great need for our organizations to work together to make the case for ending the insanity of war.SONY DSC

Veterans For Peace has been marching as the only Peace Contingent in the NYC Veterans Day Parade for over 20 years. It was our best Veterans Day ever because of your spirited presence! Thank you so much for your participation.


We are outraged that the names of the Granny Peace Brigade and elected officials were not announced from the reviewing stand and plan to do something about it.

The spirit of Armistice Day designating Nov 11th at its founding has been lost amid displays of military might (tanks in the street!) and glorification of war (children marching in uniforms) instead of honoring veterans’ sacrifices and rededication to peaceful means.  It is time to begin to restore its purpose.


We are considering a City Council Resolution proclaiming the true meaning of Veteran’s Day as stated by President Eisenhower, a review of the terms of the contract limiting the character of participating organizations, and a discussion with the NYC office that has granted this power to the United War Veterans Council (the parade committee).  We have asked the support of the City Council members who joined us in the parade.

2010_11_signLong before Veterans Day 2011 VFP would like to be able to express our First Amendment right of opposition to war policies on banners and posters. We would recognize a broader range of veterans’ sacrifices (such as exposure to Agent Orange and depleted uranium, PTSD, and the risk of rape among both men and women in service).  We would highlight the true cost of war (loss of lives as well as the lack of funds for our infrastructure, education and human services). At the very least we would like our announcement read in its entirety, as others are read.

Thank you,
Bob Keilbach
Secretary –  VFP Chapter 34 NYC

Photos  1 & 3 – Bud Korotzer
Photos 2 & 4 – Eva-Lee Baird