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What’s Cooking?

Forget those computers and smart phones, the place for real connection is around the kitchen table. Here are some ideas and resources to introduce our grandkids to the pleasures of preparing and sharing a meal. And if you think the teenagers on your list are too cool for a cookbook, ask them if they watch shows like TOP CHEF and DINERS, DRIVE-INS & DIVES — you’ll be astonished at how many serious IRON CHEF teen fans are out there!

Best Kids Cookbooks – A list of tried and true cookbooks for kids, big kids and the grown-ups who love them.

Do you have a devoted Dr. Seuss fan on your list? Or someone who is a serious student of LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRE? There are cookbooks based on classic children’s literature. The GREEN EGGS AND HAM COOKBOOK is a hoot! Check your local bookseller.

And remember, in this do-it-yourself world, there are things you can put together with your own personal stamp. Get a blank notebook and start putting together a ‘family’ cookbook, with special recipes and stories. Get other family members to contribute. Add some photos and a shoebox full of tools for your young chef. Dollar stores are great sources for colorful measuring cups and spoons, pot holders and other implements.

Pull out the video camera, and make a cooking video – if you’re a lousy cook, you can give a lesson in boiling water, making a pb&j sandwich or whipping up a box version of mac ‘n cheese. For inspiration, take a look at some of the ‘cooking with grandma’ offerings on You Tube — check out this one for fun, a grandma making meatballs…and notice the number of views.