We the Granny Peace Brigade stand for peace. We stand for human rights and justice. We oppose war, occupation, rendition and torture, and the violence of poverty and racism. We are committed to the struggle to make a safe and peaceful world for all children and grandchildren, ours and everyone’s.

We believe the U.S. war economy must be dismantled and negotiation must replace slaughter. Endless invasions for world domination have become the main instrument of U.S. foreign policy.

In seeking a new path toward peace, we work to:

  • counter the militarization that permeates U.S. civil society, especially in schools;
  • end the vast network of U.S. military bases and installations on foreign soil;
  • oppose the weaponization of outer space;
  • redirect war funding toward essential services: health, education, housing, jobs, the environment, transportation/infrastructure, arts/culture, and clean energy;
  • resist the so-called “war on terror;” and
  • denounce the killing of soldiers, and the countless deaths of innocent civilians and devastation of their lands.

Working both independently and with other organizations, the Granny Peace Brigade carries out its mission by providing education, voicing opposition through non-violent means, and encouraging others to do the same by engaging in political action. We can not be silent.