How Would You Want Your Taxes Spent?

How often do you wish that you could determine how the U.S. Government spends your tax dollars? What if you could decide directly where your dollars go? In Union Square, participants in the October 15th Penny Poll took the opportunity to register their thoughts on how Federal taxes should be spent.

On this sunny, balmy day the Granny Peace Brigade, together with the Vets for Peace, and other members of peace organizations conducted, adjacent to the weekly Saturday Farmers Market, our first Penny Poll of Autumn.

Deliberating thoughtfully sixty two people, in general, were very interested in the categories to chose from. Often conversations with and among participants ensued. Some asked if Housing included homelessness and immigrants. Others expressed, considering the war in Ukraine, they would choose to have some money dispersed to the Military.

With the approaching election, November 8, 2022 we hope that people nationwide, will vote thoughtfully about candidates who will advocate for the human needs of our society.
See the results of the October 15th Penny Poll.

Text – Phyllis Cunningham
Photos – Hideko Otake
Chart – Edith Cresmer

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