October 6 Penny Poll Tally

Here’s what we have for penny poll results with some comparison to the federal budget.

Arts/culture 265 pennies 10% of total;
Education 487 pennies 18% of total;
Climate/Energy 520 pennies 19% of total;
Healthcare 470 pennies 17% of total;
Housing 383 pennies 14% of total;
Jobs 250 pennies 9% of total;
Transportation 211 pennies 8% of total;
Military 113 pennies 4% of total;

total pennies 2699 = 135 voters

An interesting thing is that penny poll voters directed 17% of all pennies to healthcare which is lower than the actual 27% for healthcare in the recent federal budget.
Education, climate/energy, and healthcare are very close (17-19%), with housing not far behind at 14% of the vote.
Jobs funding in the federal budget is now artificially high (26% of total) due to massive spending related to COVID whereas it is only 9% in the penny poll.
Military spending in the penny poll is lowest of all, only 4% of the total, whereas it accounts for 17% of the total federal budget.

Elaine, Edith and Alice
For the GPB

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