October 6 Penny Poll Tally

Here's what we have for penny poll results with some comparison to the federal budget. Arts/culture 265 pennies 10% of total; Education 487 pennies 18% of total; Climate/Energy 520 pennies 19% of total; Healthcare 470 pennies 17% of total; Housing 383 pennies 14% of total; Jobs 250 pennies 9% of total; Transportation 211 pennies 8% … Continue reading October 6 Penny Poll Tally

Penny Poll, October 6, Union Square

On Wednesday, October 6 the GPB conducted our first penny poll since the pandemic chased us off the streets. The weather was fine and we'd assembled a great team. The penny poll is our way of asking passersby on the sidewalks of New York how they would allocate federal tax dollars. We give people twenty … Continue reading Penny Poll, October 6, Union Square

New Yorkers Suggest Revisions to the Federal Budget

On a lovely midsummer day we took Ms. Gizmo to the streets with her eight categories for allocating federal tax dollars. (See the chart below.) After voters distributed 20 pennies into the eight categories we gave them a War Resisters League flyer to show how discretionary funds are spent in the federal budget. As usual … Continue reading New Yorkers Suggest Revisions to the Federal Budget