Penny Poll, October 6, Union Square

On Wednesday, October 6 the GPB conducted our first penny poll since the pandemic chased us off the streets. The weather was fine and we’d assembled a great team. The penny poll is our way of asking passersby on the sidewalks of New York how they would allocate federal tax dollars. We give people twenty pennies to distribute among these eight categories: arts & culture, climate & clean energy, education, healthcare, housing, jobs, military, and transportation.

While people are thinking about their choices they talk to us. We listen. We learn, and of course we also have a thing or two to say.

We’re in the process of counting the pennies but the tally is not finished yet. We’ll post the results in a few days but we already can see that the cylinder for the Climate & Clean Energy category was overflowing at the end of the day.

See you in the streets,

Alice, Edith, Elaine, Eva-Lee, Joan, Nancy, Nydia, Phyllis, and Richenda

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