It’s Tax Day – Defund the Pentagon – $ for Education, Health, Housing, Equity Programs

It wasn’t Sherwood Forest, but on the morning of July 15th – Tax Day 2020 – a group of modern Robin Hoods gathered to take from the Rich (Defund the Pentagon) and give to the Poor (Education, Healthcare, Housing and other important needs). Two Grannies and friends, some of whom sing with the NYC Labor Chorus, stood with our signs, as in the photo above. The signs declared:

It’s Tax Day – Defund the Pentagon – $ for Education, Health, Housing, Equity Programs

Deal with the Reality of Poverty – Defund the Pentagon

The 2020 Pentagon Budget – $740 Billion

53 cents of every dollar goes for War

If you want Peace, Stop Paying War Taxes

2001-2019 Cost of U.S. War in Afghanistan: $2Trillion

Passersby were urged to contact their representatives with a simple message. It is time to defund the Pentagon.

Votes are expected in coming weeks in both houses of Congress on moving a mere 10% of the Pentagon’s budget to useful human and environmental purposes. Now is the time to contact your Representatives and Senators.

Phone the Capitol switchboard at (202) 224-3121 or send emails.

For a remarkable analysis of the need to cut 50% of the budget, Representative Barbara Lee’s proposed amendment is a MUST READ. It’s a concise list of $$$ – “Whereas the United States has spent an estimated $6,000,000,000,000 on military operations since September 11, 2001, and has been at war constantly since then; etc. “

She argues brilliantly for “reducing the priority given to war in our foreign policy and our war-based economy.” Diplomacy and domestic programs will keep our nation and people safer.

Read further and check it out at

Nydia Leaf with Phyllis Cunningham

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