Stopping Trump’s Catastrophic Election Ploy

Activists from diverse organizations merged at Times Square (a "designated activity zone") speaking out against Trump's misguided, dangerous, war actions. The weekend of rallies began today to protest the US assassination of Iran's General Suleiman. Peace activists were out in force and it signals the start of a year brimming with resistance. "Now that Obama’s … Continue reading Stopping Trump’s Catastrophic Election Ploy


ONCE AGAIN, we stood outside NYC Federal Office on TAX DAY, April 15th, organized by the War Resisters League with support from Granny Peace Brigade, Raging Grannies, Bud’s Filthy Rotten System, Paul’s accordion, and many others to say, "No more taxes for war!" Since 2001 USA has spent $5.6 TRILLION on WAR: $32 MILLION per … Continue reading USA: AN UNHAPPY STATE OF AFFAIRS AND WHY WE STAND ON TAX DAY

Four years of “living in Hell”—Children in Yemen

March 25, 2019 marked the beginning of the 5th year of the Saudi-led war on Yemen. The Granny Peace Brigade, together with friends including some from the Saturday Catholic Worker vigil for Yemen, gathered outside the NY Consulates of Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, one of the coalition partners of the Saudis in their war on … Continue reading Four years of “living in Hell”—Children in Yemen


The first three Granny Peace Brigade stragglers to arrive at the south end of Foley Square on Saturday, January 19 for the WOMEN'S UNITY RALLY chose to wait for more stragglers. How can everybody be a straggler? It's a GPB specialty -- join us and you'll see how it works. We used our waiting time … Continue reading STRAGGLING AND NETWORKING AT THE WOMEN’S UNITY RALLY

Bases Bases Everywhere!

The U.S. maintains hundreds of military bases on foreign soil, as well as aircraft carrier "Strike Forces". The Okinawa Prefecture is home to more than 70% of the U.S. bases in Japan. Opposition to the U.S. presence started in 1995 after the rape of a schoolgirl by three soldiers. Plane and helicopter crashes starting in … Continue reading Bases Bases Everywhere!


Members of the Granny Peace Brigade participated in the weekly vigil for peace in Yemen, in Union Square on Saturday, November 24th. The weekly vigil was initiated by the Catholic Worker one and a half years ago. Several members of other peace organizations take part in this endeavor. In spite of the fact that the … Continue reading YEMEN CAN’T WAIT


On March 22, 2015 Saudi Arabia launched a war against Yemen, a country now considered “the world’s worst humanitarian crisis,” according to the United Nations. Millions of people face starvation caused by Saudi blockades of port cities; cholera outbreaks from Saudi bombing of hospitals, water and sanitation systems; a rampant wave of destruction waged against … Continue reading VOICES RISING FOR YEMEN

JROTC, Discipline and Children Playing Soldier

Is it good for to children dress up like soldiers and march around with mock rifles? Should they be doing this in our schools? We say no, but some say yes. Wednesday, January 31 - Seven of us were outside New York City Council offices asking Council Members to stop allotting 1.5 million of our … Continue reading JROTC, Discipline and Children Playing Soldier

STUDENTS NOT SOLDIERS – Grannies Hit the Streets

Last month, the Granny Peace Brigade walked up 5th Avenue with Vets for Peace in the Veterans Day commemorations. As usual, we were virtually at the end, followed by high schoolers, both boys and girls, proudly marching in proper soldier form, from various J-ROTC (Junior Reserve Officer Training) groups In the city. Teens marching as … Continue reading STUDENTS NOT SOLDIERS – Grannies Hit the Streets