The U.N. defines 15 days of solitary confinement as torture. In NYS prisons and jails, 15 days is the minimum sentence, and most people spend several weeks to several years in solitary. It is the first punishment which is given by Correction Officers (COs) who interpret and enforce the several hundred rules, many of which … Continue reading SOLITARY CONFINEMENT IN NEW YORK STATE

Where is the Will?

Covid-19, it has been said, has “awakened” or “uncovered” the prevalence and extent of poverty and racism in our society. Structural poverty and racism have been in the foundation of the U.S. since the pilgrims landed. Poverty and racism affect every element of what is needed for a good quality of life There is not … Continue reading Where is the Will?

Release All Sick, Aged and Low Risk People in Prison! Release People from ICE Detention

For several years, I’ve joined the call for the release of sick, aged and low risk people in prison, and for the release of people in ICE detention. With the COVID 19 pandemic, the urgency is exponentially increased. With the RAPP Campaign, (Release the Aging People in Prison), relentless GPB activist Joan Pleune, myself, and … Continue reading Release All Sick, Aged and Low Risk People in Prison! Release People from ICE Detention

Military Recruiting and the Pandemic

Given the health and safety rules for all during the Corona Virus pandemic, the Department of Defense has set regulations to protect military personnel as well. Many local recruiting stations have been closed and current troops are remaining at their posts. But the military is not letting its recruitment guard down during this period as … Continue reading Military Recruiting and the Pandemic

We Stand With The Kings Bay Plowshares

Two years ago, on the 50th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s assassination, seven Catholic workers (now called the Kings Bay Plowshares 7), broke into the U.S. Naval base in Kings Bay, Georgia – the Atlantic Fleet’s base for the Trident nuclear submarine arsenal. On this second anniversary of the Kings Bay Plowshares 7 … Continue reading We Stand With The Kings Bay Plowshares

Stopping Trump’s Catastrophic Election Ploy

Activists from diverse organizations merged at Times Square (a "designated activity zone") speaking out against Trump's misguided, dangerous, war actions. The weekend of rallies began today to protest the US assassination of Iran's General Suleiman. Peace activists were out in force and it signals the start of a year brimming with resistance. "Now that Obama’s … Continue reading Stopping Trump’s Catastrophic Election Ploy