On the day after September 11 we’re pledged to get US troops out of the Middle East, and glad to feel the responsive vibe down by New York’s City Hall.
Six Grannies and Owen are engaged in a phonathon. People step up to learn more about our focus of the day: H Con Res 362.
Phyllis’ signs are in full view: “Wall of Shame: these Congressional Representatives are trying to drag us into another WAR.” And the list of New York reps threatening war on Iran with H Con Res 362:

Gary Ackerman (NY 24)

Michael Arcuri (NY 24)
Timothy Bishop ( NY1)
Joseph Crowley (NY7)
Eliot Engel (NY17)
Vito Fossella (NY13)
Kirsten Gillibrand (NY20)
Brian Higgins (NY 27)
Steve Israel (NY 2)
Peter T. King (NY 3)
John R. Kuhl (NY 29)
Nita Lowey (NY 18)
Michael McNulty (NY 21)
Carolyn Maloney (NY 14)
Carolyn McCarthy (NY 4)
John McHugh (NY 23)
Thomas Reynolds (NY 26)
Louise Slaughter (NY 28)
Edolphus Towns (NY 10)
Anthony Weiner (NY 9)

Sad to add, there’s an addition to the list this week: John Hall (NY 19)

Learning of the threatening nature of the resolution, longing for an end to wars, voters take our phones and info, make calls, let their representatives hear the message loud and clear:

NO to H Con Res 362. YES to negotiation with Iran. Support HR 5056, the Iran Diplomatic Accountability Act

Some highlights:
Erica is registered in Ohio where she’s a student at Oberlin. She asks how her representative stands on H Con Res 362.
The staffer says she’ll have to call Erica back. We hear that a lot of the people who signed this timebomb of a resolution haven’t even read it. However, when Erica looks up Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur in, she’ll find that she has NOT signed, and can thank her for that and encourage her to sign HR 5056. Big support for diplomacy with Iran.

A woman on her way into the park comments, “No More Wars, I agree” then shows the button she’s wearing: “Parent US Army.”  A young woman who works with the Federation of Senior Citizens salutes us: “I’ve bookmarked your website!”  People pick up Voter Registration forms.

A man harangues us as Lillian, Corinne and Eva-Lee sing a couple of Raging Grannies and their Daughters songs, He shouts “You hate your country!”  No dialogue here. This happens sometimes.

High up in the Woolworth Building three suits minus jackets look down at the scene by the gate to City Hall Park. Eventually the three observers from the Woolworth Building descend. One asks Eva-Lee, ‘These elderly women, are they here voluntarily?” She responds, “What do you think?”  He says, “Maybe someone brought them here from a senior center.”
Caroline, identified as a recent visitor to Iran with FOR,  hangs in with the one who insists: “If Iran develops a Nuclear weapon, Iran will bomb Israel.” Caroline takes a deep breath. (Where do you begin? Here’s a start.) If any of the six nations with nuclear weapons employ them what will be the result? What would be the most effective way of encouraging Iran not to become the 7th nation? How about some stepping up on disarmament?” He responds, “The US has eliminated 2/3 of its nuclear stockpile.”  “That leaves quite a big pile, but how do you know?  To Caroline’s amazement, the questioner says that he works for a company that destroys weapons for the US government. He says his company eliminated the US stockpile of poison gas.”That’s wonderful!” says Caroline. “Weren’t you relieved?” He persists in his vision of Iran (no nuclear weapon as yet) as a tremendous threat to world peace. Caroline sees it another way, with H Con Res 362 and its 270 signatures as a greater threat. They shake hands and agree to disagree.

A little rain didn’t phase us.  We’ll be back next Friday.

– Caroline Chinlund for the Granny Peace Brigade, with Eva-Lee, Joan P., Edith, Lillian, Corinne and Owen


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