It is the perfect combination: clear skies and a lively crowd. It is the final day in NY for voter registration and we Granny Peace Brigadiers do a brisk business.

2008_10_10register1 2008_10_10register22008_10_10register3


Our supply of registration forms is soon gone.The people we meet are angry about the bailout and they want to talk. Our flier urges voters to tell their representatives to bring back oversight and regulations in the banking business, starting with the GLASS-STEAGALL ACT.

A dispirited woman asks Lillian P., “What does calling do if they won’t listen to us?”

“They do listen,” Lillian reminds her. “It was our calls that stopped the first version of the bailout.”

With both houses of congress going into recess until after the election, we encourage folks to call their reps’ home offices here and demand town halls meetings regarding our tattered economy. This sure hits a responsive chord with our fellow citizens. In spite of the gloom from Wall Street and the escalating international crisis in Pakistan and Afghanistan, there is a lot of good energy out in the street.

And on a strictly personal note – we were all thrilled to have Betty back in our ranks – she sure has been missed.

– Caroline, Edith, Phyllis, Betty, Eva-Lee, Joan P, Owen, Hope, Lillian P. and Fran

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