Granny Peace Brigade guest lecture on media outreach at JASA.

Thursday, October 30th, Phyllis – with back-up from Molly, Edith, Caroline and Eva-Lee – was invited to guest lecture at a leadership and advocacy training course given by the Institute for Senior Action (IFSA) in concert with the Joint Public Affairs Committee (JPAC) and the Jewish Association for the Aged (JASA) at Hudson Guild.

The focus: media as a tool for social action.

A good crowd of senior activists – potential and actual – turned out to hear how we grannies have used our media presence to spread our message, starting on a local level and radiating out to a wider audience. The questions were many, the conversation was lively and the best news — there is a movement of concerned and committed folks out there who are ready to make a mighty roar. We can all look forward to seeing these new comrades on the frontline.
And a special note: on her way to the event, Molly had a serious fall on the subway, however she showed up and charmed, delighted and ignited the class — and never mentioned her accident until after the fact. As always, Ms. Klopot is the ultimate trooper.

– Fran Sears
Photos by Omobola Aribidesi

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