Granny Peace Brigade and Code Pink Phone-a-thon

February 5 – Port Authority Bus Terminal

A quartet of Grannies ready to engage with travelers fed up with war and its weapons, especially cluster bombs.
How can the US hold off signing the Oslo accord when 94 other nations agreed to ban cluster bombs? Some soldiers past and present want to talk with us about it. What’s our objection to cluster bombs? “They did us a lot of good in Viet Nam. They’re an effective weapon!” We have to talk about civilian casualty, the unexploded bomblets going off years later, destroying children. We get a look that says, “you’re right about that part.”  And none of our military passersby seem enthusiastic about more war right now.

It’s hard to get through to Washington. The switchboard is busy; offices too. We hope this means more people are more involved. Keep calling, people!


Lillian P. gives out a lot of lit., nobody can say no to Lillian, so people are reading! We have New Jersey info now, maps and phone numbers of N.J. legislators, voters stop to get info and say they’ll call from home The way we see it, a call on the spot is the key to recruiting a new activist. We’ll keep encouraging that and hope the congressional switchboard adds more lines so people get through right away.
– Caroline Chinlund for Eva-Lee, Edith and Lillian P.
photos: Eva-Lee Baird

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