The GPB, The NYPD, The US Armed Forces Career Center and Beach Chairs?

We arrived at Times Square to find the NYPD all lined up as our welcoming committee, so it appears the word was out that the Granny Peace Brigade was back at the Times Square Recruitment Center. For those of you who haven’t had the opportunity to check this out yet, there is something supremely surreal about seeing people collapsed into beach chairs in the hurly burly of Times Square, especially with those horrific images of marauding and murder beaming out from the Recruitment Center. Welcome to New York, folks!

2009_05_29franThis is not fertile ground for a phone-a-thon, especially one that targets the JROTC program in NYC schools — too many tourists and the vibe is all wrong.  However, in spite these factors, there are extraordinary opportunities to be had in this location. And all was not lost yesterday.  While the number of phone calls were few, some people did stop to engage and one handsome young man came back to get extra literature to take back to his office. We met some stateside visitor from as far away as California and they all were disturbed about the presence of JROTC in their local schools.

As for what is next — well, dear friends, it is time to start your creative engines. Mayor Mike has reconfigured our stage,

2009_05_29longshotso if we want a place on it, we gotta get cracking.

The Friday Crew

– Fran Sears with Barbara H, Barbara W, Bev, Caroline, Edith, Eva-Lee, Jenny, Joan P, Lillian P
Photos: Caroline Chinlund

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