First Autumnal Phone-a-thon; STOP FUNDING THE WARS

Brooklyn Borough Hall

Wow, we thought.  In honor of Green Week there is a regular village of EZ-UP tents ringing the fountain, housing gaggles of enviros out plugging energy efficiency and roof gardens.  The Green Market is laden with goodies. We’re walking into the bosom of Our People, we think.


There are any number of environmental types who seem to think a discussion about peace is somehow taking the luster from their mission. Trying to connect the dots between the war machine and global warming falls on deaf ears.  We move on.  Predictably, those Very Important Men In Suits give us the fish eye or wave us off.

2009_09_24two_upOur most receptive audience is – as always – the hard working folks who make things happen in the Brooklyn Court House.They take our literature, ask for extras and give us the heart to go on.  And a very special shout out to our new buddies at the Prayer Station — they’ve promised to Pray for Peace, and we believe they will.

2009_09_24prayerstationSo next week we’ll be back at it – same time, same place – this time, it shall be known as the Very Special Joan Pleune Stop the Wars, Stop the Nonsense Phone-a-thon.  Come join us and find out why.

Very Special
Joan Pleune Stop the Wars, Stop the Nonsense Phone-a-thon.
Thursday, October 1
12 noon – 1.30PM
Brooklyn Borough Hall

Near Court St and Montague St – by the fountain

– Fran Sears
photos, Eva-Lee Baird
for the Granny Peace Brigade

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