Call Your Senators to Stop Funding the Wars

Friday October 9th: Raindrops did not stop a small parade of us Grannies & Code-Pinkers, nor the people, from encountering one another outside City Hall Park. The message of the day, Call-Your-Senators-to Stop- Funding- the-Wars went out by cell-phone and in the hands of the people who received our flyers.


The rain had some people hurrying, but promising to call from home or the office. Others stopped to talk and make their call on the spot.  It always feels right to be out there. We get thumbs up or thanks for the info (this time it’s tips on how to get through to Senators’ offices), more rarely someone lectures us on the dangers out there since 9/11.People said they’re glad President Obama received the Nobel Peace Prize; now they’d like some Peace. Many agreed that now it’s up to Congress to stop funding war in order to realize a change in policy. Katelyn was documenting us with her fine camera, creating a stir; that helps our cause.  Thanks, Katelyn.

– Caroline Chinlund, with Eva-Lee, Edith, Phyllis, Fran and Barbara H
Photos, Eva-Lee Baird
for the Granny Peace Brigade

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