Terrible things are happening in our universe.

Walking over to Union Square from the Legislative Committee meeting this afternoon, I spied a formidable tent city set up at the southern apron of the park.  Hollywood lighting, a phalanx of self-important young men in black suits with blue-tooth head sets — something is going on.  When I see  a big-time show biz catering truck nearby, I walk over to check things out and discover it is the launch of a new video game, CALL OF DUTY:A  MODERN WARFARE 2. What is particularly knee-buckling is the sight of kids, straining against the velvet ropes, begging to be allowed into the tents — their yearning is palpable.  If anything underscores the need for all of us to be out there with peaceful alternatives during the holiday season, this is it.

So here is your assignment, dear brothers and sisters in peace: rack your brains and ask everyone you know for ideas for constructive, smart, entertaining alternatives to these horrible “games” — and pass your suggestions along to us ASAP at  We are currently building a web page with resources for our “Smart Toys for Smart Kids” initiative and we need all the help we can get.  Before you put this off, take a minute and a half to watch this.

Despicable doesn’t even begin to describe this trash, does it?  So what are you waiting for — get busy.  Your ideas are desperately needed.

In Peace,

– Fran Sears
for the Granny Peace Brigade


  1. This is a horror. Bigger and bolder than reality – war as a game for our kids. The military and gaming companies have created an axis of evil and tells us that we – the USA, can and should destroy the ‘others.’ As one teenager said to me, ‘It’s exciting and I can save the world. Destruction, blood, bodies blasted are not a big deal. Just part of the challenge and thrill.’ Next – the comic book?? Comic? How bizarre is that?


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