Smart Toys for Smart Kids

Our children and grandchildren are special, and it’s our job to keep them that way. That is why we are asking you to join with us in the “Smart Toys for Smart Kids” initiative. Does that video game promote violence? That ‘onesie’ may be adorable, but do you really want to see your grandbaby dressed in military camouflage? The subtle and not-so-subtle messaging of toys, games and even clothing can have an impact on impressionable young children.

Outside Target in Brooklyn during a grass-roots, granny-powered consumer education project, A U.S. Army veteran with a 4-year-old son told of his concern that he will be unable to counteract the messages of war directed at his son by movies, television and our government.)

Do you have a toy recommendation? We’d love to hear about it.

Let us know at

Here are ideas from us for some Great Shoe Box Gifts:

(Make one or create your own)

(If you don’t have a shoe box, a plastic food storage container is fine. Sandwich bags or small food containers will help keep things organized. Add decorations and/or instructions to give your present that personal touch.)

Download the instructions for Do It Yourself – Great Shoe Box Gifts.

Play Dough Box
• buy a can of Play-Doh or Make Your Own • garlic press • plastic knife • popsicle sticks • wooden dowel • plastic lids • small tray/plate • buttons/beads •

Rescue/First Aid Box
• flashlight • band aids • fabric strips/ bandages • ace bandage • sling • eye patch • gauze • stethoscope • surgical mask •

Diary/Scrap Book Box
• blank journal or notebook (Glue a picture of the child you are giving this to on the front of the notebook.) • drawing supplies like colored pencils, crayons and/or watercolors • stick-on labels • origami paper or other colored paper • blunt scissors • glue stick •

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