On Thursday, January 28 we took ourselves to the 42nd Street Port Authority Bus Terminal for our first phone-a-thon of 2010.

Encouraging someone to take the plunge and call when he’s never done it before…  – Nydia Leaf

Running to a business meeting, this gentleman thought it important to call Senator Lautenberg (NJ) and speak with his aide about not funding war, creating jobs, and getting programs that provide for people’s needs. – Phyllis Cunningham.

A U.S. citizen born in Romania and now living in Queens knew her representative was Anthony Weiner. She had contacted his office in the past.  She wanted to tell him to “stop the war by stopping the funding;” she knew from war and knew it could be horrible.  The noise in the Port Authority is always a challenge and the connection was poor so I had to give her message to the staffperson, who knew exactly what we were asking and said she’d pass the message along. – Edith Cresmer

Sean Vergara, a young film writer/director, contacted Senator Lautenberg letting him know his pain, “My friends have been injured and their lives damaged – stop funding war.” No one wins in war. – Barbara Harris

Alerting Senator Gillibrand’s staffer. We want to hear the senator’s voice loud and clear that the Supreme Court decision must be countered.  How will she go forth to make it clear that corporate personhood does not our democracy make? We are watching! – Caroline Chinlund

Frank Morales a housing organizer of Picture the Homeless stops to talk. He tells us NYC can help the homeless without costing the city one extra penny by spending less on shelters and more on housing. We agree the U.S. should spend less on war – and use that money for housing, healthcare, education, job creation. – Eva-Lee Baird

PLEASE DO NOT BE SILENT! Call your senators and representatives 202-224-3121. Tell them to stop funding war.

– The Granny Peace Brigade
Photos by Caroline Chinlund and Eva-Lee Baird

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