The YES WE CAN Phone-A-Thon

Thursday, February 4th  – Port Authority Bus Terminal NYC

Nydia encouraged this young man to call. I was honored when he used my phone to leave a message asking Senator Schumer to vote no on future war funding. The twinkle in his eye as he completed the call was special too. In the background Caroline is talking to Carla from Chelsea who was a great addition to the gang.– Eva-Lee Baird

This young man was encouraged by his friend in the photo above
to make a call. -Nydia Leaf

And he did exactly that with Joan Pleune looking on.

These women were passing through for a day in the city. They were so happy to see us and encouraged to call on the spot.  They write to their representatives, but thought this action was wonderful. They were persistent in getting through to Senator Menedez and made 2 successful calls. – Barbara Harris

I’m assisting two young Bronx college students identify their Congressional and City Council Representatives using the “Directory of Elected Officials” published by the  League of Women Voters . – Phyllis Cunningham

Edith Cresmer and Eva-Lee Baird, two troublemakers in front of the police sign encouraging Free Speech.

Myron Johnson, manager, in his “house” (Port Authority) demanding that grannies “close shop.” – Phyllis Cunningham


This is the Administrative Office in the Bus Terminal and anyone who wants to set up a table or give out literature needs to get a permit here. The permits, called “Expressive Activity Directed at the Public” permits, must be applied for during four hours of the day and can be submitted for two week periods; they must be applied for not less than 36 hours nor more than seven days prior to the beginning date. 13 indoor and 5 outdoor locations are designated, each of which has different rules regarding the number of persons, whether tables can be used and the space within which you are required to remain, such as no more than 5 feet from the wall against which you are located.**

Unfortunately for us Granny Peace Brigade phone-o-thoners, we are used to roaming in greater spaces, so we were told to leave.  – Edith Cresmer

* Monday-Friday 8:30-10:30AM, 1:30-3:30PM — only.
** Got that?

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