To Our Generous Supporters

The Granny Peace Brigade is lucky to have so many supporters. We’ve always hoped that many of you agree with our values, even when you can’t always be with us in the streets or at our forums and counter-recruitment events. Now we know that lots of people are cheering us on because you have provided us with financial support.

As of this week, more than one hundred people have responded to our request for funds! We sent letters to around 400 people which means the rate of response is stellar – way above average for non-profit groups. Of course, we have a life sustaining goal – ending of war — so it stands to reason that others have supported us.

Gifts from new supporters numbered 19, or nearly 20% of the total, while the balance came from people who have supported us once, or twice, or more times over the last 5 years. The gifts came from as far as Hawaii. Besides New York, where 75% of our supporters live, residents of 12 other states [California, Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, North Carolina, New Jersey, Nevada, Vermont and Virginia] were among our benefactors.

Our letter had encouraged everyone to give us an email address if you want to be kept informed about our activities and many of you did provide it. We also got notes of encouragement and advice, and expressions saying that the gift honors one of our members or someone else you know.  We appreciate all your wishes, and will try to live up to your faith in our efforts.  Most of all, of course, we wish for success in our primary goal – ending of war.

– Edith Cresmer
for the Granny Peace Brigade

One thought on “To Our Generous Supporters

  1. This is an important note for all Grannies of the Peace Brigade. As a big Granny Peace supporter I hope all are well and healthy! It is always good to know that we as American citizens have people of conviction on our side. May you always be able to help in the world peace effort and know that there are still some good Christians in the world who have faith in Our Higher Power that good will ultimately win out over evil and that although
    many are called such few are chosen and that I one who does see with the harvest being plentiful the laborer are so few. May you all feel blessed and know I as for myself will continue to work in this world with the help of the Saviour of Mankind!


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