The Penny Poll in East Harlem

East Harlem Teen Fair – Thursday, August 19,2010

Passersby took the time to consider the categories posted on the penny tubes and then vote how their tax dollars should be allocated.


Mothers, fathers, grandmothers,





teens and children participated in the activity. It was the rare opportunity for families and friends to talk about the issues and consider just what is needed in their community, what would add quality to their lives, and how to assure a better future for the children.


Edith, Joan, Barbara W, Caroline, Jenny, Fran Koritzer were all part of the team during the day. All went very well – it’s really a blast because you get to talk to the people in the street and share concerns.

Join us for some grass roots good times. Sign up for email alerts (about two a week) from We’ll let you know when and where we’ll be hitting the streets.

– Barbara Harris
for the Granny Peace Brigade
Photos 1 – 5 Bud Korotzer
Photo 6 Caroline Chinlund

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