Parent Teacher Conference Night Action

Thursday, October 28, 2010, 34 Counter-Recruitment volunteers were at 12 NYC high schools meeting with parents and students before they entered the school for teacher conferences.


Volunteers handed out flyers and the Opt –Out form.  These materials provide information about misleading military recruitment inducements, steps to ensure that the military does not get a student’s private contact information, and on-line resources for alternative non-military options for a better future.  In a time of aggressive military recruiting of youth, this action is a direct way to educate families and students about future educational and non-military options to reach their goals.


Volunteers were able to engage in brief conversations with parents about these issues.  Parents appreciated the information provided and especially wanted to know more about financial aid, scholarships, and CUNY programs available to their children.  Two men on their way to a teen leaders’ youth club program asked for flyers to bring to their meeting. “Those kids really need this info.’


To learn more about counter recruitment and this project, go to  Read about the issues and download our flyers.  Anyone, anywhere can participate in this educational outreach action anytime and, perhaps, make a change for a family or student through such a connection.  A teacher requested copies of the flyers to give to her colleagues at Bronx high schools. The cost of war and the cutbacks in educational programs are shortchanging our youth.


Let’s turn this picture around and bring positive peaceful solutions and educational resources to all our children. There is good news:  Many schools are now in compliance with the Department of Education Ruling to distribute, explain, and collect the Opt-Out forms from students at the beginning of the school year. Many parents shared their thoughts and were strongly against their children joining the military.  The non-military Options and Alternatives handout can help make this hope a reality.

– Barbara Harris, Counter Recruitment Committee
Granny Peace Brigade / Code Pink NYC
Photos – Bud Korotzer

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