Adults and Students Disagree on Allocation of Tax Dollars

This week when we set up Ms. Gizmo in Brooklyn near Borough Hall we attracted the attention of a new group of voters. Montessori students from all over the country were visiting with their teachers, and several groups stopped to vote in the penny poll and discuss tax dollar allocation. (Click on the photos for larger images.)



The results were slightly different from polls done at other Ms. Gizmo events in this location — with more pennies in the “Military” tube than usual. Boys in the classes were allocating more of their tax money to the military than does our usual crowd of adult passersby.

– Eva-Lee Baird
for the Granny Peace Brigade
Photos: Caroline Chinlund
Chart: Edith Cresmer

One thought on “Adults and Students Disagree on Allocation of Tax Dollars

  1. What an opportunity for children to learn. At least they have to think about what they deem important and prioritize. Most probably, they will recall this event and think about it often. That is the hope!!!

    Thanks for being there and providing such an opportunity!


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