How Do We Want Our Tax Dollars Spent?

The scene: Just outside City Hall Park, NYC on Thursday, June 30 at lunchtime.


Two people are voting with 20 pennies each — as another, her vote in our gizmo tubes already, leaves reading the War Resister’s League info on where taxes are actually spent.  A third volunteer contemplates his vote.


This family from ‘way upstate’ approached.  “We love the Granny Peace Brigade..can we take your photo??”  Here they’re thinking about their priorities for tax spending as they agree to give us a photo of them.


Today people are sure that one category that really matters is jobs.

And here are the tallies for the day. As usual New Yorkers say we should spend most of our tax dollars on education, health care and jobs.

– Caroline, Edith and Eva-Lee
for the Granny Peace Brigade

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