How Should Our Tax Money Be Used?


We give passersby 20 pennies to distribute among Ms. Gizmo’s eight tax categories (see the chart below).

2011_07_29_1This young woman is pleased with the opportunity to “vote” her opinion about where her tax dollars should be spent.2011_07_29_3Deliberating … “How should my tax money be used?” … before completing designations for tax dollars.

2011_07_29_2Here a participant views the War Resisters’ flyer Where Your Income Tax Money Really Goes after denoting, with our pennies, where she thinks her tax money should go.

2011_07_29gizmochart72streetAnd the results are:  Spend more on health care and jobs. We agree with the folks in Verdi Square.

– Phyllis Cunningham – Photos and Captions
– Edith Cresmer – Data and Chart
for the Granny Peace Brigade

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