Best Use of Tax Dollars – Education? War?

A week of grim news.  The terrible carnage wrought by a U.S. soldier in Afghanistan.  Syria in shambles.  And here at home, conservative wing-nuts are waging war on us women.  How do we combat this onslaught of negativity?  Maybe getting ourselves out in the public arena will help, and what better location than Union Square.  So what if it’s raining — the subway station is big, busy and makes a great place to set up shop with Ms. Gizmo.

At first, we don’t seem to be connecting — but Edith and Nancy start hustling the crowd and Bev and Joan are on the banner…and before you know it, our street-mojo kicks in and there’s a line at the table.  A young photographer with a great smile wants to take some photographs, then he takes a stack of pennies and starts feeding Ms. G.  Once again, we are dazzled by the smarts of the Average Joe and Josephine.

2012_03_17unionsquaresubway2(Click on images larger versions.)


These folks really think about the best use of our tax dollars. Now if only the people in Washington making the real budget decisions were as responsible and humane…

A very special shout-out to Eva-Lee, who did the impossible — she actually got a Man In A Suit to stop, hear our pitch and participate.


And to this unknown gentleman, you blew us all away with your thoughtful allocation of pennies.  Thank you, sir.  You are a rare breed.

2011_03_16chart(Click on image for larger version.)

Until next time — and in peace always,

– Fran Sears

Photos 1 & 2: Eva-Lee Baird
Photo 3: Caroline Chinlund
Chart: Edith Cresmer

for The Granny Peace Brigade

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