How Would We Spend Our Tax Dollars?

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The weather forecast predicted rain, wind and a possible tornado on Thursday, July 26th but the sky cleared long enough for the latest visit by Mz Gizmo to City Hall Park.

In this election year when domestic issues are forefront in most people’s minds, Mz Gizmo was the perfect barometer to gauge what New Yorkers and tourists are thinking.


In the space of 75 minutes 94 people crowded around the GPB table to drop pennies in Mz Gizmo and list their priorities.  A group on a Scavenger Hunt looking for Activists” were lucky to find us and then used their pennies to “speak their minds.”  Enthusiastic participants thanked us for giving them this tool.


We thank them and the War Resisters’ League whose piechart budget tells the real tale every time.

Here are the results:



– Nydia Leaf for the Granny Peace Brigade
– Chart: Edith Cresmer
– Photos: Eva-Lee Baird

One thought on “How Would We Spend Our Tax Dollars?

  1. Great post and the pix and graphics are terrific — Ms. Gizmo seems to have lost none of her charm. Rock on, old girl, rock on!


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