Granny Peace Brigade brings Drone info to Hunter College

Seven Granny Peace Brigade members accepted the invitation of Hunter College’s Democracy Fair organizers and prepared an educational exhibit about drones, which are unmanned airborne vehicles.  Drones can be peaceful, or they can be deadly.  They can also invade privacy and contribute to severe stress when they hover over homes.  In Pakistan, Yemen and Afghanistan, drones have killed the innocent along with suspected guilty persons; but no judge or jury had determined guilt before the execution was carried out.  The GPB re-purposed the Gizmo tubes used for our Penny Poll to poll opinions of people at the Democracy Fair about drones.

2013_03_14_hunter_1(Click on photos for larger images)

Among the many students, teachers and others who shared their opinions of drones, many were fully aware of the issues, others less so.  Some people gave serious thought to the issues before casting their penny into either the Yes or No tube.  The handouts we gave out provided information and links to sources for more information.


We met many thoughtful people at Hunter College, as we have in the past and the day was fruitful for us.  We introduced people to the concept to limiting drones to peaceful purposes and having legislation to bar their use for surveillance or assassination.  We also found a group of little children who had tunics almost exactly like ours; they are much cuter than we are, for sure!


Edith Cresmer, text and photos

One thought on “Granny Peace Brigade brings Drone info to Hunter College

  1. Wonderful action, wonderful post. Thank you, Edith! And I think you all are every bit as marvelous as those little tikes.


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