Keeping New York City Free of Weaponized and Surveillance Drones!

“Why are they making you grandmothers do this?”  A young man after taking and reading our leaflet, raised the question to members of the Granny Peace Brigade recently.  We were in front of 250 Broadway (home to NYC Council offices) in New York City passing out information about the need for the Council to introduce and pass a resolution keeping New York City safe from drones.

May-23-2013-250-Bdwy-11(Click on the photos for larger images.)

The response from members of the Granny Peace Brigade to the young man…”No one is making us do this.  We are doing it because we want New York to be safe for people. “   The young man looked bewildered for a moment and then said, as if to understand, “Oh, I see.”


Many passers-by took leaflets and actively engaged in conversations about drones.  Some had questions about drones while others discussed the benefit of them for New York City.  It was apparent that people were aware of the weaponized drones the U.S. military and the C.I.A. are using abroad alleging the necessity for targeted killing, “… but, drones in New York City?”


The Granny Peace Brigade is committed providing information about drones including the possible impact of them on New York City and encouraging  New Yorkers to contact their elected Council Representatives to take action.

We will continue to be in the streets and anywhere we can spread the word to:  Keep New York Free of Weaponized and Surveillance Drones!

– Phyllis Cunningham
for the Granny Peace Brigade

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