Bring Wind Power to New York State – Now

GPB at Alternative Energy Rally wind-solarNew York State Clean Energy Standard Hearing
May 31, 2016
Administrative Law Judge Kevin Casutto

Dear Judge Casutto,

As a resident of New York City, I urge the Department of Public Service to inaugurate the plan to implement a clean energy offshore wind power initiative.  New York City needs a new approach to energy alternatives, and this natural resource is within our reach off the Long Island shoreline.

John B. Rhodes, President and CEO of the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) said, “While offering the promise of a vast renewable energy resource for the state’s most populous region, it will also bring with it economic development, job creation, and a cleaner environment.”

A study conducted by the University of Delaware’s Special Initiative on Offshore Wind (SIOW) for NYSERDA, offers a roadmap of key strategic steps New York State can take to reduce costs of offshore wind power over the next decade.

Harnessing the power of wind will promote energy efficiency. It’s clean, improves public health, delivers savings, and opens new doors for good-paying jobs.

The New York State Department of Public Service should take advantage of the technological advancements in wind energy and move toward a cleaner and smarter energy grid. It’s a Win-Win for our state, our city, and our children who will benefit from a cleaner environment and future job opportunities.

Barbara Harris
for the Granny Peace Brigade

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