Ms Gizmo Takes A Break

“How would you spend your own tax dollars?”
is the question we asked on the sidewalks of New York.

Ms. Gizmo has had a good run and now will wait indoors until the weather gets warmer.


The chart below depicts results of our Penny Poll — Voters’ Preferences — at various locations around the city on twenty different days where, after careful thought, 3,018 people cast their 20 pennies into the Gizmo’s eight tubes. Each tube represents a Federal Budget category. There are hundreds of other budget categories of course, but we felt people could vote more quickly with fewer tubes. We’ve taken Ms. Gizmo to East Harlem, Brooklyn Boro Hall, City Hall, Union Square, Hunter College and 72nd Street and Broadway on the Upper West Side.


Arts & Culture
Environment & Clean Energy
Health Care

How would you spend your own tax dollars?
Please let us know —  Email us

We welcome people of all ages.
There is work to do. — In peace always.

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