Granny Peace Brigade Awarded 2016 Pathmakers To Peace By Brooklyn For Peace

Brooklyn for Peace, a non-sectarian, non-partisan active peace and justice organization had its annual fund raising dinner on November 17, 2016.  It was held at the historic Plymouth Church, which has a history of abolitionism and resistance to oppression, in Brooklyn Heights.   For the fourth year, individuals who have played leadership roles in forging new pathways to the elimination of war and the struggle for peace, equality and social and economic justice were honored with the Pathmakers To Peace award.

The Granny Peace Brigade was among the honorees.  We were honored for our “…role model of sustaining hope with activism in demonstrations opposing war, the violence of poverty and racism, and standing for human rights and justice globally and locally.”

Ann speaking. Lrft to right, Joan, Vinie, Jenny, Phyllis and Connit
Left to right, Ann Shirazi, Joan Pleune, Vinie Burrows, Jenny Heinz, Phyllis Cunningham & Connie Norgren


This year’s other honorees include; author and English professor Moustafa Bayoumi at Brooklyn College for his work addressing “War on Terror” on the Muslim American community; Frances Fox Piven, social theorist and political science professor at the Graduate Center, City University of New York for her work on issues of income inequality and political participation; and Opal Tometi, co-founder of Black Lives Matter and Executive Director of the Black Alliance for Just Immigration.

Officers of Brooklyn for Peace as well as honorees spoke about the dangerous times we are in, the enormous issues we are facing and, with the results of the recent elections identified that it will take “a broad unity of forces to lead the fightback and resistance to actions taken by Trump and the GOP Congress yet to come.”  The sense of not despairing and the need to increase activism in meeting challenges was apparent.  The audience applauded, cheered and gave standing ovations throughout the program indicating agreement with the work that has to be done, ongoing.

All in all, it was an encouraging and memorable event.  Now, to continue carrying on the fight for justice and peace.

– Phyllis Cunningham
for the Granny Peace Brigade
Photo – Matthew Weinstein

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