BRRRRRing for Human Rights/Children’s Rights

The Granny Peace Brigade, together with friends from Vets for Peace and Pax Christi, weathered the coldest day in NYC this season (7F with wind chill) to commemorate Human Rights Week (Dec. 10-17th an actual designated week by the UN) with our focus, the rights of children everywhere to live in peace, dignity, provided with health care and education and protected from harm. We have all been shocked by the images of Aleppo this week, but fewer images of children dying in Yemen, fewer still of the endless war in Iraq, and the fate of children and their families in Gaza, Flint, Standing Rock, Myanmar, to name just a few of places where basic rights for children and their families are being denied.

We say: “US stop selling weapons to Saudi Arabia; giving weapons to Israel and to “rebels” in Syria. End our endless wars.” Join us! We were so encouraged by a few passers-by who thanked us for our action, when we escaped the cold to the subway station below.
We will never make America “great” on the battered minds and bodies of children here and around the world.
And, tonight we also remember, Lillian Pollak, our 101 year old Granny, who was with us last year for Human Rights Week at Union Square, on a balmy 75F evening. “Peace in Gaza” was her plea! Her spirit lives on!

— Marty Rajandran
for the Granny Peace Brigade

One thought on “BRRRRRing for Human Rights/Children’s Rights

  1. Thank the Powers that Be for all of you STALWARTS! You never give up regardless of the weather or whatever else stands in your way! May the Neqw Year surprise us with movement toward Peace for ALL. Thank you for being there! Peace Always!


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