Parent-Teacher Conference Night Peace Action – November 2019

On a mild Thursday evening, 28 volunteers were at 12 high schools in NYC to meet parents and students as they were entering their school to meet with teachers. Volunteers had 2 informational flyers to give to each parent.

Options for Life After High School– Questions to Ask concerning military recruitment.

Please note that the flyers are available for you to download and distribute at high schools or provide to teachers or guidance counselors at any time you have the opportunity.

As volunteers report:
1/ Most folks were receptive and those that did stop for a brief chat were positive when I told them what we were distributing. A few stated that they would not want their children to go into the military and even some students told me this. Three teachers also agreed that the military was not an option they wanted for their students and took our info to share.

2/ Because of the sparseness of parents, we gave many of our leaflets to older students who read them. We noticed that the leaflets sparked discussions among these students about their futures after HS.

3/ A librarian got especially enthusiastic and took several leaflets to have at the library; she is also the union rep at the HS. Several parents told us that their children had already made some decisions about vocation, everything from police academy to engineering.

4/ This is a really good leaflet that generates thoughts and discussions with parents and the student.

5/ A volunteer’s comment: “As I said to Jane at the end, this is my favorite thing to do all year. So satisfying… parents so grateful.” Thank you for the opportunity.

We hope you will join us in March, 2020 when the Spring Parent Teacher Conferences are held again.

Barbara Harris
for the Granny Peace Brigade

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