Telephone Tips:

  • Call during office hours – mid-day works well.
  • Plan ahead. Know what you will say before you call.
  • Ask what your representative’s position is on the issue.
  • Give a short, direct message explaining your position.
  • Is the Senate, the House of Representatives or City Council about to vote on something important to you?
  • Ask how the legislator intends to vote.
  • Whenever you call and whomever you call: Get the name of every person you speak to in the office. Then they will be more likely to record your message and communicate it to your elected official.

Senators: Each state has two senators. Find yours at If their Washington DC phones are busy, call their local offices. It’s often easier get through close to home. Get local phone numbers from your Senator’s website.

House of Representatives: Find out who your Representative is at Or call the U.S. Capitol switchboard at (202) 224-3121. Tell them your zip code and an operator will connect you to the right office.

New York City Council:  NY City Council members. Type in your address to find out which one is yours.

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