NEW YORK CITY, 3-19-08, 12 noon 5 YEARS OF THE IRAQ WAR!

The Granny Peace Brigade was back at the (recently bombed) Recruitment Booth in Times Square. The police assured me that the center was operational. It was raining – some of us had umbrellas; all of us were wet.
Molly with sign, "Whose Mission Accomplished"
We called it a “Knit-In” because we had knitted gloves for the stumps of wounded Iraqi veterans – returning home to learn how to live without an arm or leg. We were knitting in the rain; holding up some of the gloves in plastic bags. Vinie Burrows made a stirring speech as well as
Norman Siegel our wonderful civil liberties lawyer.

We joined the Raging Grannies singing anti/war songs. There was lots of media including CNN, the NY Times and reporters from France and Sweden. We ignored the loud pro-war rabble. Our message was clear: bring the troops home and end the war! We will be in the streets until we have peace. Do join us!

– Roz Boyd

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