Wishing And Waltzing After Five Awful Years

Some Granny Peace Brigadiers came from NY to the two day action in Washington D.C. commemorating the 5th year of draconian Bush policy. This Protest was distinguished by no tears policing.

Maybe it’s that we all know each other by now. Perhaps it was that the protest featured multiple programs starting in different times and places. Anyway, bravo for variation on the Peace March. This nuance may usher back Vaudeville just in time for the Depression.

On the 18th, we assembled blocks away; synchronized watches and got briefed on Freeze-in logistics. So, 300 people would file through all doors into the West Hall. There, some advanced guard CodePinkers were already Frozen as if dipping in waltz positions under the magnificently domed, coffered ceiling.

Some Quaker kids stopped still ahead of me holding their â”War is not the Answer” signs aloft. All stood statuesque for five minutes. Some commuters did not even notice, some spoke soft thanks on passing and others hurled “get frickin’ outta the way you nut jobs.” Meanwhile, everybody, cops included, had their video cameras rolling. The call to “RISE UP” came and we responded “END THIS WAR!┝ The waltzers all danced themselves alive as if the War were over. We hugged our old friends and cordially greeted the cops. For a half an hour that Station was all loud, joyous and swirling a-dance.

On the 19th, four of us met in front of the Veteran’s Administration to knit stump sox and we were joined by 50 other Granny types and supporters.. The press coverage went fine — CNN assigned us our own news man and several reporters came by for press kits and interviews.

Our tableau developed earning us agreeable honks until a giant shredder parked in front of the rocking Grannies and cranked up too many decibels for the TV journalists to capture the sound of us reading the Census of the Dead and Wounded.

I inquired of the teamster how long he expected to be there grinding up all two tiny dumpsters full of paper and he replied that it would be 2 hours. And, then, he left. Carol noticed this and got herself up on the high step, reached into the cab and honked; then, she just turned the offensive noise off. There was a moment of relief until five cops came zipping over on their Smith and Wesson (no kidding) bikes. Carol was sure she was going to be arrested.
But, NO.
The cops issued a citation.
For the truck.

The spring rain drizzled the gang away and the color guard of Veterans Against the War arrived to escort us to present the gifts for limbless Vets at the Administration Building. Even there, under their awning and in the shadow of some fancy sawed-off guns cradled by the Kevlar-clad warriors arms, we continued to rock -n- knit. Eventually our gift went into the hands of the Deputy Chief, who thanked us.

– Diane Dreyfus

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