March of the Dead

On March 19th 2008, about 75 people from various and no organizations came together at Arlington Cemetery in Washington DC to begin a March of the Dead, in commemoration of the million plus Iraqis, Afghanis and military killed in the United States War of Terror on civilian populations. After pausing to read names of the dead at the Vietnam Memorial, they moved slowly through the streets of the city, stopping at such war crime headquarters as State Department and Blackwater in expressions of mourning. The Dead created an ‘endless war’ meditation circle at the White House, to mark the site of preparation of these crimes, eventually walking through torrents of rain to the (In)Justice Department. Later in the day, hundreds gathered at the Reflecting Pool to continue the procession. Mourners in “plainclothes” followed behind the Dead, accompanied by the Capitol Police. Near the Capitol, the procession, now over 300 in number, moved in concentric circles in the street, bringing rush hour traffic to a standstill. In the center of the circle, a tableau formed, with the Dead freezing in positions of sorrow. Thirty four were arrested, including several Granny Peace Brigadiers.

– Ann Shirazi

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