We Will Not Be Penned In

Just back from the Cheney demo. It was OK – The Fossella group stayed behind the barriers and across the street from 740 Park Ave.
CodePink and Granny Peace Brigade would have none of that – went to the Park Ave. meridian to catch traffic going both ways. After a discussion of our rights, the police froze the zone – for all pedestrians – and we went to a corner of 71st St. Noticing pedestrians walking across, we went into plan B and decided to slowly walk across Park Ave, briefly remaining on the center median. Back and forth. This annoyed the police. When requested to go to the permitted area, we decided to go to 72nd St.
Stood on the meridian until the secret service informed us that we were loitering and had to keep moving. We realized that slowly walking back and forth across Park Ave was pretty effective. Caught many more pedestrians and lots of cross traffic. We were about 6 women and lots of pink.

– Barbara Harris
– photos, Eva-Lee Baird

5 thoughts on “We Will Not Be Penned In

  1. Your presence was just the right commentary. No more business as usual for Cheney, Fossella and their ilk. Good work! Thanks for being there!


  2. After reading the article on the fund raiser in the NYTimes this AM, I’m so glad
    to know that you were there demonstrating outrage to the “buying of a politician” with oil money, its friends, and the “grand torturer, Cheney!” Carry on and don’t get weary. We need you.


  3. At the Northeast corner of 71 Street and Park Ave, I was amused to overhear one cop comment to another, “Looks like we may be arresting The Grannies today.”


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