Here is our granny wisdom for today: be flexible! Had we not made our 11th hour switch from our standard phone-a-thon in order to join forces with Code Pink, the Rainforest Action Network and the Billionaires for today’s action, we would have missed a spectacular opportunity to connect with our fellow citizens. As always, Dennis Kucinich is the Man with a Plan and he has drafted a smart, sane formula to rectify our faltering economy. We make up a couple of hundred fliers with his outline and head down to Bowling Green. High over the statue of the rapacious bull, two young activists from the Rainforest Action Network have shimmied up the twin flag poles and have hung a huge flag emblazoned with “FORECLOSED?”
That gets everyone’s attention and before you know it, we’re out of literature. Phyllis heads off to find a Kinkos and the rest of us fan out into the crowd and start talking. We’ve got our signs, pink crowns, and Joan P is wearing her ‘march of the dead’ mask. The lunchtime crowd has no hesitation in expressing their outrage and dismay. When we tell one gentleman that the main congressional switchboard seems to be jammed, he breaks into a huge grin and says, “Well, let me just jam it up a little more!” as he starts dialing.
Our sense of the street? Folks may be hurting, but they sure aren’t cowed by anything coming out of Washington or Wall Street. They want some answers before any precipitous actions on the part of our representatives and they sure aren’t shy about making their opinions known. If Congress hands Paulson & Company a blank check, a wink and no oversight, then there are some feisty constituents who are going to hold their representatives responsible come November.

Once more, we are humbled. We embark on these actions with a desire to inform and come away with a priceless education. Times are tough, this despicable war wears on, and the war mongers may be rattling their sabers in Iran’s direction, but there are a lot of good people out there who are willing to stand up and be part of something that speaks to the best part of all of us.
Thank you, fellow citizens! You sure made our day!

In peace, solidarity and hope,

– Fran Sears for the Granny Peace Brigade with Eva-Lee, Phyllis, Edith, Joan P, Lillian P and Owen
– Photos: Eva-Lee Baird


  1. I think people are starting to become more skeptical about government claims on the bailout. I’m hoping that more people will understand next that the Iraq War is contributing to the liquidity crisis.


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