NY City Council – Don’t Fund the JROTC Program

As the NY City Council reviews the 2010 Education Budget, our counter-recruitment group is out in parks and plazas speaking to passersby about the unconscionable cost of the JROTC program to NYC taxpayers. During the Phone-A-Thon, a quick line,

‘We’re spending $2.4 million on a military based program, and the Mayor’s budget office will be cutting money for basic needs and services to public schools,” causes a person to stop.  It’s no surprise, that people want more information.


They agree that this money should be spent on public educational programs that they know may well be eliminated.  How can we cut materials, mentoring, and music and support JROTC?  Many cell phone calls to council members are made and literature taken, as people are motivated to address the issue and take action.

As taxpayers, we all contribute to this program that teaches a military biased curriculum and is often instructed by non-NYC certified teachers.  In a Department of the Army memorandum, under the subject of Army recruiting and partnership, it is noted that JROTC will facilitate recruiter access to cadets in JROTC programs and the entire student body. It advises JROTC instructors to work closely with high school guidance counselors to sell the Army story.

Our grassroots Phone-A-Thon action is presently focused on urging NY City Council members to vote against funding the JROTC program and to eliminate this line item from the FY 2010 Educational Budget.  The next step is to end the program in NYC high schools.

We must work to end this program just as we work to bring truth in recruiting to students, parents and the general public.

Educate for Peace, not for War.

– Barbara Harris
Photos: Eva-Lee Baird
for the Granny Peace Brigade

When you have a moment, please call your City Council Representative. Don’t know who that is? Find out here.

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