Army Experience Center – Countering Military Recruitment

I know that many of you have received one or more reports about last Saturday’s demonstration at the Army Experience Center, (AEC), Franklin Mills Mall, PA. Many peace activists groups supported the action, as we did, and were present to have their voices heard and keep the focus on countering military recruitment and the militarization of youth.  The commitment  of the participants to shut down the center and the outrage at the idea that such a facility aimed at youth, guns, and military violence existed anywhere and right there in a mall setting was strongly expressed.

Official AEC photo

For me, it was frightening to see the center and to realize what is happening to teens – to their minds and attitude toward violence as fun. The military is playing games with our kids and preparing them for war – starting at 13 years of age.  It’s that simple.  Given a budget of $4 billion for advertising, movies, music, games, camouflage vans at high schools, and aggressive recruiters, the cunning of the military seems unstoppable.

Official AEC photo

In an attempt to remove the AEC from the mall, the organizing groups have filed a Criminal Complaint against the property owner, Simon Properties, Inc. The complaint accuses the defendants, Simon Properties, with violating the penal laws of the Commonwealth of PA.
For example: The acts committed by the accused include the AEC on its premises contains game and real weapons as well as war engagement simulators that attract underage youth to simulate engagement in acts of war and violence without knowledge of the real consequences of said actions in reality and without parental consent required by law.  That the AEC is involved in endangering the welfare of a child and corruption of minors. To read the entire complaint and the crimes so incurred go to:
Private Criminal Complaint Against AEC, Franklin Mills Mall, Simon Properties.

As an action you can take right now, sign the petition calling for the closure of the AEC.

Barbara Harris
for the Granny Peace Brigade

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