Mothers Day Peace March

It started with people from the Granny Peace Brigade, CodePink NYC and the Raging Grannies along with their family members and friends gathering at Columbus Circle.
2009_05_10budkorotzer1Photo: Bud Korotzer

Raging Grannies sang their songs and gave out their song sheets so people could sing along with them.

2009_05_10budkorotzer2Photo: Bud Korotzer

Then we walked from the statue at Columbus Circle north on Broadway with our banners and our chants giving out leaflets from 59th to 81st Street. We walked through a street fair and a crafts fair and people applauded and cars honked their horns. We turned towards Central Park at 81st and the Raging Grannies sang again.
2009_05_11phyllis1Photo: Phyllis Cunningham

We walked through the park to the Metropolitan Museum and gave out flyers to the people sitting on the museum steps. At the end the three remaining Raging Grannies led the rest of us in song. The flyer explained the origin of Mothers Day. As the founder of Mothers Day Julia Ward Howe said, we will not raise our children to kill other mothers’ children.

Call your Representatives and Senators today. (202-224-3121)  Tell them to end the wars and bring our troops home.

– Molly Klopot
for the Granny Peace Brigade

One thought on “Mothers Day Peace March

  1. A beautiful action of peace. Walking with families, children and friends, speaking with passersby about the true meaning of Mothers Day, and spreading the message to end war, to end militarism and to seek justice generated hope and reinforced my understanding that ‘there is no way to peace, peace is the way.’ (A.J.Muste) It’s an action to be repeated everywhere until we all walk together for peace.


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