June 19th At The Military Recruiting Center

Our banner is unfurled, we’re asking “how much?” and signs give the facts.  Note that the policeman is on guard by the recruiting center door.


This gives you the big picture; not everyone in the chairs is vegging, though.  We got a lot of good conversation passing out our fact-full fliers.  The Mom of the kids on the left picked up the photographer’s dropped pack of fliers and thanked the Grannies for being there.


The cost of war.?  Too much

Note the taxi-driver is taking our literature.


The recruiters in the background weren’t feeling our power at this moment.


As Molly advances, the recruiters go into action.


We were getting some media attention. The young man had just had his picture taken with Edith and her sign, was on his way to being interviewed.


For the finale, a picture framing the entrance.  This recruiting center needs retruthment! Bring that soldier home NOW.

– Caroline Chinlund: photos and text
for the Granny Peace Brigade

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